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Suzhou Demine Plastic Co., Ltd is specialized in research and development of PC (Polycarbonate) series products.We devote our professional and individualized service in international and domestic customers. And we have passed the certification of ISO9001:2008, UL, ROHS. We import raw materials from Japan and Germany and introduce co-extrusion equipment from Italy. We professionally produce Pc Film, PC sheet, PC board, PC frosting board, PC particle board, PC noise barrier board, and these PC boards are processed into kinds of forming products. We own our brand "Demine". Since Demine has gained in reputation from customers, it has become a specified brand in PC industry. DEMINE possess a series of advanced professional processing equipment such as: large hot-forming Plastic Inhaling Machine, CNC Precision Carver, import numeric control punch, Press Brake, Cutting machine, Milling edges machine , Plate mangle , Constant temperature and humidity dryer. We accumulate advanced processing technology and processing experience, and we are specialized in polycarbonate (PC) secondary forming process and cutting precision.In strict accordance with client's drawings, we choose high-quality Polycarbonate board of "Demine" (or other specified board) to process by kinds of technology including cutting, carving, drilling, bending, milling, polishing, adhesive, sucking molding, blowing molding, high temperature compression molding, printing, sandblasting, coating. In short, we try our best to meet customer's requirements. Demine staff are deeply aware of the importance of developing the plate processing market and application. At the same time we develop the flame resistance, diffusion, anti-UV, blister electroplate mirror, printing, electronic appliances, automobile manufacture, aerospace manufacturing market and other relative market, which effectively fill up the demand gap for PC engineering plastic in hi-tech fields in domestic. DEMINE's products are widely used in weld field including the panels of electrical and machinery equipment, visual display, cover, face mask, insulation fittings, hot-forming pieces, motor vehicles, machine, chassis, plastic mold, hardware lighting, clock gifts, plastic electronics and so on. The products include PC suck plastic products, PC compression molds, PC protective covering for Mechanical Equipment, PC protective covering for electronics, PC face mask, PC film board, PC plates, PC lampshade, PC blister lamp box, lighting shade, PC lens, riot shield, PC crash helmet, taxi guardrail, windshield of a vehicle, explosion proof polycarbonate PC glass, building polycarbonate PC lighting shade and various angles bending products and so on. Demine staff have been following the idea of "leading quality, excellent service", and with strong technical strength, high quality professional talents and first-class and efficient management, we have set up the good enterprise image. Please believe that Demine will be a brilliant star in PC field as a growing company. Warmly welcome the clients to visit our company, we will serve for you with all sincerity.
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    Hard plastic 10mm perspex sheet polycarbonate sheet

    Hard plastic 10mm perspex sheet polycarbonate sheet Clear plastic solid sheet,hard plastic sheet, High light transmittance and high impact strength Light weight and strong weathe
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  • Transparent 10mm solid polycarbonate sheet plastic sheet

    Transparent 10mm solid polycarbonate sheet plastic sheet

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    Hardness solid polycarbonate board 15mm thick

    Hardness solid polycarbonate board 15mm thick Clear plastic board,plastic sheet transparent roofing sheet Polycarbonate sheet clear,transparent polycarbonate sheet,polycarbonate solid pa
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  • At that time, PC endurance board was used in walls, suspended ceiling, windows, cabinets and even furniture under the situation that "boards accounted for a large proportion in the decoration of houses". The application of boards was basically indispensable. At that time, the boards in large shopping malls could be divided into solid wood board, high-density board, wood-based board, sandwich board and so on according to the professional skills of production and processing and the materials used. The physical characteristics of different boards are also different, such as the surface of high-density board is smooth and smooth, the material is delicate and stable, but the water resistance, compressive strength and nail holding force are poor; the physical and mechanical energy utilization difference between the horizontal and vertical of wood-based panel is small, the overall planning compressive strength is good, the stability is good, but there is more relativity of clamping force. Therefore, we should fully consider this kind of physical characteristics when selecting the types of plates to be used, and use the available types of plates in different application places. Plate has different heat transfer function because of its different production materials and professional skills. Nowadays, social development proposes energy saving, high efficiency and environmental protection. Therefore, we probably consider the thermodynamic function of materials in the whole decoration process. PC endurance board is a kind of green environmental protection material, with impact resistance, heat insulation, heat insulation, UV shielding, anti yellowing and so on. As a common engineering construction material, the precise positioning of large shopping malls of endurance board is not high-end, it is known to all in the work. And some manufacturers have attempted to modify this situation and basically prepare for the impact of high-end shopping malls in advance.
  • 1.Impact and compressive strength: pc endurance board has excellent impact resistance, 250 times higher than traditional laminated glass and 30 times higher than acrylic board. The impact compressive strength of pc endurance board is called "fully transparent thick steel plate". 2.Good tensile strength, good temperature resistance of pc endurance board. Even at 120, the tensile strength can still reach 350 kcal/cm3. 3.Bending strength: pc endurance board has excellent bending characteristics, even if the bending angle of view is 90 degrees, it will not break. 4.Relieve fatigue and creep resistance: Among the thermosetting plastics of Suzhou polycarbonate board, polycarbonate board has good creep resistance. Even at high temperatures, its creep is still small.
  • 1.Temperature resistance, heat resistance and aging resistance Polymethyl methacrylate is easy to soften at 70, while polycarbonate is easy to soften at 120. PC endurance board is more resistant to high temperature and high temperature, and its operating temperature is widely used 2.Impact resistance, smash resistance and compressive strength index values Under the same thickness, the impact compressive strength of polycarbonate is 30-50 times that of polymethyl methacrylate. From the beginning of 6mm, the thick steel plate on the computer is EXO raw material, and the 3mm temperature control switch cannot be crushed by ordinary adults with a hammer. 3.Flame retardant, fireproof computer board manufacturer Polycarbonate is a kind of fire-retardant material, which belongs to Class A and B halogen-free flame retardant (UL94-V2 international), one of the self-extinguishing plastics, which is not easy to ignite, and polymethyl methacrylate is not flame-retardant. Acrylic sheet production and processing 4.conservation of ecosystem Polycarbonate is an environmentally friendly plastic. However, some process properties of polymethyl methacrylate do not meet the requirements of the Suzhou PC endurance board. Therefore, some foreign industries of polymethyl methacrylate have already been eliminated and will be promoted in my country. Although China is a strong country in terms of polymethyl methacrylate, only very few high-efficiency polymethyl methacrylate boards are produced and they rely on imports.
  • PC board is also called polycarbonate board, and it is called "transparent carbon steel plate". Its applicable enterprise scale: construction industry, shipping industry, urban traffic advertising industry, military industrial production, agricultural vegetable greenhouse industry, and industrial production of sound insulation materials. Because its transparency is second only to the most common laminated glass, and its sheet is not easy to break, its tensile strength is greatly higher than that of laminated glass and acrylic sheet, and its sheet has been produced and processed into other methods, so more and more Beloved by the people. PC endurance board processing is mainly opened in recent years, but due to its characteristics, the opening is faster than its global polycarbonate use plus the speed (15%). According to incomplete data analysis, the current PC endurance board processing It occupies 5% of large-scale building materials and decoration shopping malls. Take the large-scale shopping malls in my country as an example, and its narrative is 23.5%. The important factor lies in the industry prospects of large shopping malls, as well as the quality of some raw materials. At present, many manufacturers in my country are able to produce PC endurance boards, but there are only a handful of board manufacturers whose production and manufacturing boards can be applied to, due to their production and processing basis High temperature, new absorption, involvement, refrigeration, etc., the stress field in the sheet will also cause major changes. If the purity of the raw material of the sheet contains slag and moisture, the success rate is not too high. In addition to the low transparency of the formed plate, the bad plate rate will also be high.
  • 1. The endurance board as a partition is more environmentally friendly and safe Endurance board is a green and environmentally-friendly decorative building material. If it is used as a key material for partitioning, it can not only consider basic functions such as fire safety, earthquake resistance, and collision resistance, but also show a beautiful and generous surface. 2. The structure of the partition wall made of endurance board To make the partition wall, it is not only necessary to prepare the raw materials of the endurance board in advance, at least two other metal composite materials must be prepared in advance. The stainless steel plate and aluminum alloy profile are used as the main structure of the partition wall, and then the endurance plate is used as the wall body to form a whole. 3. The excellent performance of the partition wall made of endurance board Because the endurance board is manufactured according to the co-extrusion process of the anti-ultraviolet UV layer and the main material polycarbonate, it can reasonably resist the damage of ultraviolet light, reduce the occurrence of fading, embrittlement and other conditions, which is beneficial to increase the useful life of the partition . And it can also reduce energy consumption and noise reasonably, and make the indoor space more quiet; in addition, the endurance board has better collision resistance, so it is not easy to crack as a partition and maintain a stable and elegant level.
  • The PC board is made of polycarbonate as the main component, showing resistance to neutral oil, not resistant to strong alkalis, not durable, not resistant to alkalis, it needs to be coated with UV. But heat-resistant, good lighting effect, PC sunshine board is made of excellent performance rubber product polycarbonate epoxy resin. It has the characteristics of high definition, light weight, impact resistance, sound insulation and noise reduction, heat insulation, flame retardancy, and aging resistance. It is a new technology, extremely extreme carding characteristics, and green environmental protection plastic board. It is international at this stage. The widely used plastic construction materials on the market have unparalleled advantages of other construction decoration materials. Because PC board production in our country and market demand are showing rapid progress, especially the shaping of several sets of overall planning machinery and equipment in China, coupled with the rapid development of automobile industry production, the production of PC industry in my country will enter To a new stage of progress. PC boards are widely used in the following areas: construction, health care, electronic appliances, automobiles and fitness equipment. All of these aspects are extremely fast jeopardizing our daily lives, and have become an indispensable raw material for our social development. The key influence in various fields in the future cannot be underestimated.
  • Polycarbonate sheet is a plastic engineering construction product that is often used in everyone's life. Once you start the application, you must maintain it. Cleaning is also critical. 1. The first is to prohibit the use of old coarse cloths, dirty cloths, brushes, mops and other hard and sharp special tools to clean the endurance surface; 2. It is recommended to use lukewarm (40℃) water; 3. Then clean with a neutral detergent; 4. Wash gently with sponge or soft cloth to remove dust; 5. Rinse the stains cleaned by detergent with clean water; 6. Use a soft cloth, sponge or patent leather to dry and brighten to avoid water stains;
  • PC films are commonly used in electronic components, household appliance housings, panel switches, wiring terminals and charger housings. 1. Stable to light, but not UV resistant, good aging resistance, acid and alkali resistance, acid resistance, strong acid resistance, amphoteric oxides, amines, macrolides, dissolving isopropyl titanate nitrogen compounds and alicyclic organic solvents, long-term It is easy to cause hydrolysis and cracking in water. The defects are due to poor fatigue resistance, easy to cause ground stress cracking, poor low dielectric capacity, and poor wear resistance. 2. Possess high-quality physics and physical properties. 3. Excellent impact resistance, high tensile strength, bending strength, high compressive strength, small stress relaxation, and stable size. 4. It has excellent temperature resistance of 125 degrees and cold resistance of minus 45 degrees. It has stable physical properties, dimensional reliability, electrical properties and flame retardancy in a wide temperature range, and can be long-term under -60~120℃ Application: There is no significant melting point, and it is in a molten state at 220-230°C. Because of the rigidity of the molecular structure chain, the viscosity of the epoxy resin solution is large. 5. Low water absorption, small shrinkage rate, high precision size, good dimensional reliability, low permeability of the film, and it is a self-extinguishing raw material.
  • Polycarbonate sheet is a new type of sun sheet, and its excellent performance makes it the first choice for roofing materials for sun rooms. Next, we analyze the following what kind of excellent performance it has: 1 Keep cool in summer and keep warm in winter. The thermal conductivity (K value) of polycarbonate sheet is lower than that of ordinary glass and other plastics, and the heat insulation effect is 4 times higher than that of the same glass. The heat insulation of polycarbonate sheet is up to 49%. Thereby, the heat loss is greatly reduced, and it is used in buildings with heating equipment and is an environmentally friendly material. 2. The surface of the flat-top sun room has an anti-ultraviolet co-extrusion layer, which can prevent the resin from fatigue and yellowing caused by the sun's ultraviolet rays. The surface co-extrusion layer has chemical bonds to absorb ultraviolet light and convert it into visible light, which has a good stabilizing effect on plant photosynthesis. After 4000 hours of artificial weathering test, the yellowing degree is 2, and the light transmittance reduction value is only 0.6%. The light transmission loss of the ten-year sheet used by our company is only 6%, the loss rate of PVC is as high as 15%-20%, and the glass fiber is 12%-20%. 3. Temperature adaptability: The polycarbonate sheet will not be cold brittle at -100°C, and will not soften at 135°C, and its mechanics and mechanical properties will not change significantly in harsh environments. 4. Weather resistance: The polycarbonate sheet can maintain the stability of various physical indexes in the range of -40℃ to 120℃. After 4000 hours of artificial weathering test, the yellowing degree is 2, and the light transmittance reduction value is only 0.6%. 5. Anti-condensation: When the outdoor temperature of the sun room is 0℃, the indoor temperature is 23℃, and the indoor relative humidity is lower than 80%, the inner surface of the material will not condense. Excellent performance has created an unshakable market position for polycarbonate sheets, creating a perfect sunshine dream for many families.
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